PPIA (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia-Australia) RMIT is a non-profit student organization based in Melbourne, Australia that operates under RMIT University. It is a platform for Indonesian students at RMIT to gather and meet other students within as well as outside the university. We hold several engaging events throughout the year as a way for students to bond, such as: Mateng (Selamat Dateng), Makrab (Makin Akrab), Genit (Game Night), as well as external events such as Indonation and Detalks


To unite and channel the talent of Indonesian student at RMIT that upholds the value of unity and diversity


  • To create a harmonious relationship and synergy with internal and external parties
  • Creating a productive and beneficial organization for Indonesian students at RMIT University
  • Strengthen the relationship between Indonesian students at RMIT University
  • Develop and facilitate the potentials of PPIA RMIT members.